I’ll admit this upfront: I see the irony in writing a post about humility and posting it on the internet for people to read. But humility is an important topic, and one that is often misunderstood. What does it mean to be humble? Is it a quality we should strive for, or is it a … More Humility

What is Love?

Love is such an interesting concept in our culture. For starters, how should one define love? The word itself is ambiguous. Love is often described as an emotion. It is primarily a feeling that one has toward another. Love is also associated with longing or desire. To love something is to want to possess it … More What is Love?

Welcome the King

I am learning that there is an ebb and flow to ministry as I continue to navigate my first year as Senior Pastor. Certain times of the year are busier than others. As a youth pastor, the summer was always the craziest. Mission trips, summer camp, VBS. It seemed like it would never end. Now … More Welcome the King

Prevent Defense

On most Sunday afternoons in the fall, you can find me relaxing on the couch watching football. I grew up in Western New York watching the Buffalo Bills, but I don’t get to see them play much now that I live in Ohio. As my wife will attest to, however, I still watch a lot … More Prevent Defense

Growing Pains

I was very tall for my age when I was younger. I was quite literally head and shoulders above most of my classmates. My height caused a lot of people to mistake me for being older than I really was. One moment still makes me laugh. I am the youngest in my family. During the … More Growing Pains

Please RSVP

We have all gotten invitations with these four letters. Whether you know what they actually stand for or not (confession: I had to Google it…), you know what it means. The host of the party is asking you to respond and let them know whether or not you are going to attend. The invitation requires … More Please RSVP