The Return of the Blog

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post. Since my last blog post, I’ve traveled to Germany with a work team from my church for a mission project and welcomed our second child, and first son, into the world. Life is busy, and it quickly fell down to the bottom of my priority list. There was always something else to do. Other work to be done. Life to be lived. I didn’t think that taking time out of my schedule each week to write a few paragraphs was worth it. 

I had a change of heart recently. The blog has been on my mind. I feel like it has been a missed opportunity. That’s not because I have a huge audience or anything like that. I doubt my writing reached more than a handful of people. And I certainly don’t believe that anything I wrote about in the past has been life altering, although I do hope that something I said was helpful to my readers. 

No, it was a missed opportunity because the blog gave me a chance to express myself through writing. I enjoy writing, yet I invest too little time into the practice. The blog can be an outlet to hone my skills while sharing some thoughts on faith. It is right in my wheelhouse, afterall. A lot of what I read and study for a sermon does not make it into the final product. Most weeks I simply don’t have the time or opportunity to fit everything I want to say into my message. I am limited by the scope of the sermon, the time in the service, and people’s attention spans. Honestly, there are times I have to cut pieces out of my sermon on the fly. This blog, therefore, is a way to incorporate some of those extra tidbits of information. Who knows? Maybe something that didn’t “fit” into the sermon is sitll meant to be shared. This space is meant to do just that. 

So if you want to read some of my Sunday Leftovers, this is the place to be. I hope and pray that they will encourage you in your faith and help you become a more mature disciple of Jesus. 

In any case, I am going to keep writing. Maybe God will bless both of us through this venture. 


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