This Changes Everything

nick-tiemeyer-109668Have you ever gone through something that impacted your entire life? My life changed completely the moment I became a father. I often wonder what my pre-Josephine self would think about the kind of conversations I have today. Ten years ago I never would have thought I’d sit around the dinner table talking about how to make another human being use the toilet. Yet here I am, talking about potty training and trying to figure out why Josephine is so stubborn when it comes to that subject. But it is more than just dinner conversations. My entire life was impacted by the arrival of my child.

There are certain moments that impact our faith in the same way. It could be a struggle or hardship that forces us to rely more on God. Some people experience times of spiritual growth or renewal. Everyone deals with seasons of spiritual stagnation from time to time. Our unique experiences help shape our relationship with God.

There is one moment, however, that changed everything. For everyone. For all time.

The empty tomb. Resurrection Sunday.

No matter who you are or where you live, the fact that Jesus died and rose again personally impacts our lives. The validity of his resurrection has often been disputed. From the moment it happened ( Matthew 28:11-15) through today, people have tried to explain it away. But the fact remains: the tomb is empty. Jesus is alive.

The Resurrection impacts us because it confirms that Jesus was and is the Son of God. He is the Messiah, God’s Chosen One, who came to save the world. It proves that Christ’s death on the cross conquered sin and death, and that he has made eternal life available to those who put their faith in him.

The truth of the Resurrection forces us to respond to Christ. We cannot simply ignore him. He does not leave us that option. We must either embrace him as Savior and Lord, or reject him outright. There is no middle ground.

If the Resurrection did actually happen, it affects every aspect of our lives. It impacts how we relate to God. We no longer have to earn God’s love. His love for us was already on display through the cross and empty tomb. It changes how we relate to others. If God has freely forgiven us through Christ, shouldn’t we offer that same forgiveness to others? The Resurrection also gives us hope and a purpose. It demonstrates that there is life after death, that good has already conquered evil, and that we have a mission to share that good news with the entire world.

In other words, this changes everything.

Over the next six weeks, I am going to preach about how the death and resurrection of Jesus impacts our lives. Join us at First Church of New Knoxville, or listen to our radio broadcast on T102. Even if you can’t join us on Sundays, you can always check back here for some of my leftover thoughts every Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

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